Best Method to enable 2-step verification in Google account and change password

Google account has become so important to us in our everyday life. With a single Google account created, you have access to Gmail (for sending and receiving e-mails), YouTube (Where the whole world watch videos) Drive (Online file storage for almost anything) etc. This makes a Google account matter to us so much.
I will take you through the steps on how to secure your Google account using 2-step verification and how to change your Google password in case of any unauthorised login attempt or you want to just change it.
How to secure your Google account using 2-step verification.
2-step verification or two factor authentication is the safest way to keep away anyone who tries to log into your account with password. It works with the mobile number you used in enabling Google 2-step verification.
Basically, when you enable 2-step verification, you will get a verification code on your phone for each new login attempt on a new device before the login is approved. You can use this safe feature to secure account against anyone who you think has your password.
How to enable 2-step verification in Google account
Login to your Google account on this link – 2-step verification
Click on get started,
You’ll be asked to login again – input your password and login,
(If you are logged in any device, and you want to choose the device to receive login prompts, click on TRY IT NOW. if not you can select DON’T USE PROMPT )
You will be given an option to input the phone number you want to use, normally it auto-fills your your account’s phone number.
How to change your Google password
You may want to change your password if you feel someone has your password or for some other reason known best to you. This applies to your Gmail password, YouTube password, Drive password, Allo Password and any password to services Google offers, including Blogger.
Login to your account using this link – Google account security
Scroll down to where you see password ,
You’ll be asked to login again to confirm – input your password and login.
Input your new password in the box provided and click on CHANGE PASSWORD .
Final words
The steps above can be used in combination to secure you account when you notice any unknown activity on your account. Also, if you want to make your Google account more secured.

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