how to add moving truck widget to blogger blog

 Hello guys below is the steps to add moving widget to your below blog firstly copy the code below

<div style="position: fixed; z-index: 65535; left:
0px; bottom: -3px; width:100%;"> <marquee>
<a href="" target="blank"> <abbr title="Like
us at Facebook"><img src=" http://
ce65_o.png " width="120px" height="100px"/>  </abbr></a>
<a href="" target="blank"> <abbr
title="Subscribe to Our Feeds"><img src=" http://
967426408a_o.png " width="120px"
height="100px"/>  </abbr

<a href=""
target="blank"> <abbr title="Follow Us on
Twitter"><img src=" http://
319_o.png " width="120px" height="100px"/>  </abbr></a> </marquee></div>

Change to your facebook url
do the same for feeds feedbunner  and twitter.
 then from your blog dashboard go to layout then select add and choose HTML  
and copy the above code then press save that all.  after that open your blog use the widget displaying on your blog, like the snapshot below

for any questions please  use the comment box below

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