How to download any video from YouTube

hello guys i will be giving two simple method to download video from youtube
Method 1
Assuming you want to download (Mark angel comedy)  from YouTube
Search for "Mark angel comedy"
After seeing it and you are sure that is what you really wanna download
The next step is to click on it
It will take u to page in the browser to watch it
The moment u get to that page
U will need to edit your URL address
Assuming the present URL address is
U will need to edit to this
I.e all u need to do is to remove the "www." and change to "ss"
Don't put dot "."  in the middle
Just write ss and YouTube together
But don't change the other part of the url address      
It gonna redirect u to page

Method 2
 =>>> if you wanna download from YouTube,
=>>>Open the YouTube video as if you wanna watch,
=>>>Copy the video URL in your clip board,
=>>>Then open a new tab and open you will see a bar for pasting the URL,
Paste it and then different formats of the video will show up then you download any quality of your choice
It is on that page u will download the video you want to download either audio or video format
Or go to play store and download snaptube trust me u will tank me later
Is a combination of YouTube video download  of any type.
please you comment box below if you have any questions

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