Wow !!! Jumia Black Friday 2016 Deals is here again – Date ,and How You Can Make Money From It

This year’s edition of Jumia Black Friday deals is almost here , and Nigerians cannot wait to get massive discounts on their favourite products.
Alot of people have asked  questions like
“When is Jumia Black Friday 2016 date?”
“What products will be among the Jumia Black Friday 2016 Deals ?”
Well , this article will provide answers to the questions on your mind. Read on :
Jumia Black Friday 2016 Deals & Sales
Alot of products will be on sale during the black friday promotion , and the products will cut across major categories such as fashion items , home appliances , mobile phones , laptops , kitchen utensils , play station games and even baby toys.
Although Jumia is yet to specify the products that will be discounted , we are expecting that the promo will be as high 90% discount and with this , you can get your dream smartphone, laptop or gadget for more than half the normal price.
So you can start listing the things you will like to get and save money , ahead of the black friday promotion later this year.
Jumia Black Friday 2016 Date
Get prepared! Jumia black friday 2016 promotion is going to run for 12days , starting from the
14th of November 2016 – 25th of November 2016.
How To Make Money From Black Friday Deals In Nigeria
A lot of smart people capitalize on black friday to make huge profits. Here is how you can make money from blackfriday sales.
On black friday , most of the products are sold at more than half the normal price.
If you’re smart enough , you can buy products in bulk and then resell  at the normal price , when black Friday event is over.
For instance , the normal price of PS4 is #120,000 , but it can sell for #60,000 on black friday.  That’s a whooping 50% (#60,000) off.
Now lets imagine you were able to secure 5 units of Ps4 on black friday at a total cost of #300,000
Total Cost Of Purchase On Black Friday : 5 x #60,000 = #300,000
You then resell them at the normal price of #120,000 after black friday event :
After Black Friday : 5 x #120,000 = #600,000
Now Lets Calculate your profit :
#600,000 – #300,000 =
That’s a cool 300k profit!!!!! SHARP GUY
Here’s how to get prepared for black friday
=>>>Make a list of items you will like to purchase. (Smartphones , laptops , shoes , fashion items , Tv sets , anything!)
=>>>Save as much money as you can , so that you will have more than enough for the event.
=>>>Make sure your phone and laptop is fully charged the night before black friday , in order to avoid disappointment.
Get a good internet connection , one that is very very fast!
Be awake by 11:30pm. Blackfriday usually starts by 12am and that’s when most of the good deals are posted.
so no dulling guys............................................

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