How to get your group link without using whatsapp prime

Hello guys, I believe many of us now have whatsapp groups but, the problem is getting the group invite link the only solution then is using only whatsapp prime to get your group invite link but here is another way to get your groups invite link via your normal whatsapp

Do you with the new updated  whatsapp you can get your group invite link without using whatsapp prime?
Yes is possible all you need to do is update your whatsapp to the current one from playstore.
Step 1
Log on to your whatsapp then "do a long tap" on the group you want to create invite link for and click the three vertical dot and click "Group

Step 2
After clicking, you will see your whatsapp group invite link and you can do below with it :
Send link via whatsapp
Copy link
Share link
Revoke link
Below are the snap shoot to prove.
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