America’s president-elect, Donald Trump, has committed the selection of his future cabinet into the hands of his running mate, Mike Pence as well as three of his children.

Reports from the United States where anti-Trump protesters stormed the streets of Washington DC to protest his win at the polls which Hillary Clinton was clearly a favourite to win, showed that Americans are already showing signs of fear over a possible xenophobic attack under his authority.
On Friday, the businessman announced that his vice president-elect would be in charge of steering the transition of power, saying: “Mike will have a big role. He’s very capable.”
In his first interview with The Wall Street Journal after his triumph at the polls, Trump informed that his vice would serve as the link between him and the congress.
It was also gathered that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, was included on the transition team and this is likely to make the citizens raise their eyebrows.
On Tuesday, November 8, Trump defeated Clinton in the election which was keenly contested between the pair and one which many bookmakers were proven wrong.
His emergence as the 45th president of the United States is seen in different lights by leaders from all over the world, especially with the uncouth statements he made prior to the election.

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