My name is adeolu There's asaying. "What can't execute you can make you more grounded." But
in all actuality activity talks louder than minor words.
I don't know how solid I will turn out from this pickle I have gotten myself.
This all began around 2 years prior in my childhood
administration year in Kogi state. There was this great bottle not very a long way from Yagba East nearby government committee, where I visit frequently for my CDS. It was the smell that attracted me to the spot, the appetizing of scented stew and broiled meat, it was overpowering, I couldn't simply dodge myself
from the tasty imprisonment that overpowered me Perhaps, a straightforward control would have changed history,
would have spared me from all these. As I entered the bottle, I got a plate
what's more, remained on the line salivating and holding up
for my turn. When it got to my turn, before me was
something more convincing than the supper that I anticipated. My eyes got secured contact with the young woman who was serving the supper.
She was lovely past expression, I could scarcely pull it together and it took me somewhere in the range of few moments to reboot. She then inquired.
"What nourishment do you need sir?" In familiar English. I faltered.
"Give me… .. rice N50, dodo N50 and 3 bits of meat."
I was going to pay and she declined to gather the cash. I didn't comprehend the nice thought, I then demanded and she grinned at me and said.
"It's alright, it's on me." I then sat down and began
While I was eating, I saw her taking a gander at me at
some example. It drove my interest wild and I was willing to know her. She sounded very cleaned and she looked more stately
than running a neighborhood flask, I knew there was
more to it. As I was done, I went to meet her and
said to her.
"Much thanks. My name is Adeolu would I be able to know your name?" She laughed and said. "My name is Tope."
As we both grinned at each other like high schoolers held
in some secondary school squash.
So I cleared out the spot wanting to give back the next day. I got to my leased room and I was all the while considering Tope.
She was normal tallness, dull cleaned and extremely alluring. Her bends were at the right point and her blasts were a sight to behold.
I knew I required buddy to extinguish my desire while
I served my nation in the wonderful condition of Kogi and Tope coincidentally fit into the photo.
Being a geek and a loafer isn't a thing to be pleased with. I had just had s*x once, because of Seun who took me clubbing then some chic
consented to get down with me and toward the end made me
pay N4,000… That wasn't clever. I felt I expected to lay
case of my own special pet, a choice I soon lament.
The next day I went to the container, yet this time around I went there late.
sustenance had completed, yet the good thing was that Tope had sufficient energy to save. She was caught up with get ready to wash the
dishes and I didn't delay to a*sist her.
She didn't need me to get my hands filthy however I
demanded. I helped her in getting water and she was
excited that a corper would stoop so low making a difference
her with the dishes. Indeed, is there any valid reason why i wouldn't, it
allowed me the road to view her substantial barrels that
wiggled as she was washing the dishes.
Abruptly her mom showed up from a separation,
Tope located her and she said to me.
"It would be ideal if you cover up, don't let her see you."
 I then hid behind the canteen and after about 15 minutes she left the place. Tope then came to meet me and said. “Sorry about it.” I then said. “Its’s okay, no sweat. Your mom is strict
right?” She said. “No she’s not. I am preparing for JAMB exams and seeing me with a guy would upset her”.
I then said to her. “Then why are you here working in the canteen? You should be attending lessons now”. She said. “My elder sister is not feeling too fine and she’s the one in charge of the canteen. Yesterday was my first day here” I asked her. “What course do you intend to study?”
She said. “Biochemistry.”
I said to her. “I finished with a first class in Chemical Engineering. if you need any assistance I will be glad to help you.” She said. “Wow, that will be nice. I have a problem with chemistry and physics. You must be a genius! ” I laughed and said. “No I am not, I just love to read my books a lot. It takes hard work and persistence to be successful. My dad is a Professor and my mom is a Judge, they really encouraged me”.
We finished cleaning up and I decided to walk her home which she agreed. As we walked, we talked about our families and she opened up about the challenges she faced gaining admission, being the only child amongst her siblings privileged to attend higher institution. I was so bent in making her pass her JAMB and I promised her I would teach her through.

Keep an eye OUT FOR PART 2

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