How To Stop Automatic Data Renewal On Etisalat, Airtel, Glo, MTN Subscription Plans

  It is always good to cancel  the Auto renewal to avoid your money be deducted 
                           STOP AUTO-RENEWAL ON ETISALAT
Etisalat Subscribers can cancel automatic data renewal by sending and an SMS with the word "STOP " to 229. 
You will receive an sms that confirms auto renew has been disabled.
"Dear Customer, You have successfully opted out of automatic data renewal"
                         STOP AUTO-RENEWAL ON AIRTEL
Airtel Subscribers should send and SMS "stopautorenew" to 440
                          STOP AUTO-RENEWAL ON GLO
GLO users, text CANCEL to 127 to disable autorenewal
                            STOP AUTO-RENEWAL ON MTN
MTN is nice enough to send a notification before your data expires.
"Please note that your **MB plan will be renewed and N**** Deducted from your account," Text NO to 131 to cancel automatic re-subscription.

Great, now you don't have to call customer care and yell, because they never refund.
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