Weac physics pratical 2016 answer

1bi)Relative density, or specific
gravity, is the ratio of the
density (mass of a unit
volume) of a substance to the
density of a given reference
material. Specific gravity
usually means relative
density with respect to water.
ii) given volume of solid immersed
Vsi =1/2*30cm³
Density of liquid (water)ew= 1g/cm³
Acceleration due to gravity, g = 10m/s²
Upthrust, U= eVsi g
U= 1000*(15*10^-6)*10
Weight of solid =mg
=EsVs g
given: Es=2.4g/cm³ (2400kg/m³)
Vs=30cm (30*10^-6 m³)
Weight, w=30*10^-6*2400*10
Reading on spring balance =W-U
2bi)-It is used for Magnifying glass br /> For a magnifying glass to work, the object is
placed at the focal point such that the image
produced is magnified, upright and virtual.
- It is used in aSlide projector: a projector essentially uses a
convex lens to form on a screen a real, magnified
and inverted image of the slide or film. The slide,
being the object, is positioned between the j and 2f
from the lens.
Tabulate pls br /> S/n: 1,2,3,4,5,6
R/ohms: 0.00,1.00,2.00,3.00,4.00,5.00
I/A: 3.00,1.00,0.60,0.45,0.35,0.25
P=(E/I) V ohms^-1: 0.500,1.500,2.500,3.333,4.286,6.000
s=Y1-Y2/X2-X1 = 4-2/3.6-1.5
C = 0.5ohms
-I would ensure that the circuit is open after each reading to maintain the E.M.F of the battery
-I would ensure that the Zero Error of the Ammeter is checked and noted
3b)Internal resistance of a cell is the resistance within a
battery, or other voltage source, that causes a
drop in the source voltage when there is a
current. There is, therefore, actual reduction in
the electromotive force of the cell , as well as an
increase in internal resistance.

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