Method to send any Android application on whatsapp

Do u no can send applications through ur whatsapp ?  If No
I will be giving u step to take and guide to use to send your applications via whatsapp today
Firstly go to application you want to send click and hold it ,it will show option to rename.  now you android app end with apk. All u need is just to change that apk to txt and press done u will see the application will change to txt.
Step 2 copy d file and paste it under download
Step 3 open your whatsapp and go to where u do share pix u will see document  open it and you see your txt that you save then you can now send it as txt  to friends on whatsapp.
Step 4 when the person receive it as txt file and download it. The person have to rename it back as apk  and therefore he/she can start enjoying the app too.
Below is the snapshoot. If you have ? Plz use the comment box

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