Hello  guys, its Good news to mention that mtn now support
its customers Via Whatsap. You all can agree with me that this is a
welcome Development as this will enable MTN customers easily lay there
complains without having to wait long hours on 180.

This will offer MTN users lots of benefits these include
1. Live Chatting (especially guys to a lady )
2. More convenience
3. This will allow you express more of your issues To mtn via MTN
live Whatsapp Messaging
4. Send Screen Shot of issues
5. take photo of error messages
6. More faster
7. Shy people can Easily type
8. Allows you express yourself
9. More Time
10. No more abrupt Interruption when handling your Issues
11. MTN Agent can easily scroll up to continue handling an Issue


1. slow it communication
2. Language limitations
3 MTN Users may be very Silly (guys know what I mean)
4. Poor Spellings can really make the conversation wired for MTN

To chat with an Agent simply save the numbers bellow and message them
Or copy number from screen shot

1 ==> 0903 300 0001

2. ==> 0903 300 0002

3. ==> 0903 300 0003

4.==> 0903 300 0004

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