Glo unlimited download without VPN

Hello guy,i know you all will be very happy to hear this great news but i will 1st of all enlight you on how it works when psiphon is not needed as i said in the heading.
Although psiphon is not needed but something different is needed which is UC MINI HANDLER
It really look alike like that process of downloading big files on that airtel 20gb but they both have 1 or 2 different Xtics
=>It only browse and download ulimitedly but it cant access other things like that airtel that can do whatsapp,facebook etc
=>It is unlimited speed downloading and not like that psiphon that drop speed after 10mb
=>It use proxy server to enable it to download large files with hight speed like that of Airtel
Download Uc mini handler
Open your uc handler and config as below
=>Proxy type: REAL HOST
=>Proxy server:
=>Real proxy port:80
Then save and start browsing
Now to download big files open (Aba9icetech) and add the site name you want to go and download from and click go and you are good to go(just like that of airtel 20gb)
NOTE: This muchproxy usually rename files or anything you are downloading to .php so is better to rechange it to orginal file name it is like .mp4, .apk, .exe etc when the download option popup before downloading

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