AEC GCE 2016 Agriculture Practical Question And Answer Now Available

1a to determine the present is micro organisms in a soil sample
II. Lime water in flask I will turn Micky and lime water in flask II will remain clear.
II. It shows that there are presence of micro organisms in the soil sample in flask I and there are respiration which turn lime water Micky.
Iv i. Aids decomposition of organic matter
II aids germination of seeds
2a-Solar Power
I)for drying fishes
Ii)to produce electricity
Iii)heating farm steads
I)It is easily available
ii)It is a very neat source of power
iii)it is very useful in farm photosynthesis
I)it is expensive to store and harness
ii)The energy from the sun can be erratic.its not possible to control
iii)only available during the day
3bi)- Intensive System
3bii)- There is considerable reduction in labour

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