6 achievements of Buhari as military ruler

1. Corrupt civilian governors, ministers and other officials of the Shehu Shagari government were all rounded up by Buhari.
2. War Against Indiscipline (WAI ) is probably not the positive achievement of General. Many Nigerians will not forget biting their fingers and desperately preventing a tear from dropping. At that time many people pray that a miracle will happen and WAI Brigades do not catch them.
The historic photo of President Buhari visiting the Kaaba in 1984.
3. Queue culture. The government forced Nigerians to imbibe the queue culture in public places.
4. Nationalism and patriotism.
The third phase of the implementing WAI was focused on matters of nationalism and patriotism (including respect for the flag and National Anthem), while the fourth phase focused on total war against saboteurs and all facets of corruption.

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