how to root your android device using kingroot apk

 This tutorial involving rooting any android phone with kingroot apk..
Though Kingroot apk is one of the other rooting apps you can use to root your phone,it's special because it's a one-click rooting app for android devices.
So,let's get started.
I don’t know why so people still find rooting android device hard, it so easy with this tutorial i will be explain how to root your device using kingroot apk

 Before installing this app first ensure that you have allowed third party installations in your device you can
check this option for your device via setting. Go To
> Security
> and there you can tick the “Unknown sources” box.

You can Download KingRoot apk from playstore or download here

Step 1. Run and install it on your device. below this snapshot

Step 2. After successful installation, start the application and wait for Kingroot to fully
analyze your device. after a few seconds you will see the main window, the
 ==> you will a pop message superuser request then  Click grant access on your device. and you phone start rooting  wait for a few minutes (make sure you have a good battery status and internet connection).

Step 5. After a few minutes, you should see a something like this snapshot on your device that means you have successfully root your device

Benefits Of Rooting your android device
  • Full Control Over Android.
  • Back Up And Restore The Whole System.
  • Save Space On Your Phone.
  • Run Special Applications.
  • Install Custom ROMs.
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