how to hide whatsapp from sharing your contact to facebook

, "WhatsApp will share your phone number with Facebook’s system." and your WhatsApp account might be receiving advertisements from companies. However, if you live this new this feature, then no qualms. but if you don't like it, no cause to cry out loud as they also created a way to opt-out from it. So follow me along. If you have already opted in by accepting the new terms and conditions that is now popping up on WhatsApp app, you will apply the second method but if you are yet to see or accept the terms, use the first method.
HOW TO OPT OUT OF WHATSAPP NEW FACEBOOK TERMS.                                                   h When you launch your updated WhatsApp application, you will see a page that asks you to tap agree on new terms and privacy policy on the screen, just follow below steps:
 1. Hit/Tap Read 2. Uncheck Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook… (See why you need to read the terms and conditions being approached?) Whereas, if you have already agreed to this terms and services ignorantly and wish to opt out, follow this second method For iOS users only 1. Open your WhatsApp
2. Go to Settings > Account.
 3. Uncheck Share my account info. For Android users only 1. Open your WhatsApp 2. Tap the three dots icon on the top-right.
 3. Tap Settings > Account.
 4. Uncheck Share my account info.
NOTE: After 30 days, you might not be able to opt out again. Although Opting out option is just a pardon / consolation, by closely reading their privacy policy, you will see that it still shares your data and whatsapp it’s not all that private again. So checking that option might not still guarantee 100% safety but your chats and messages are still encrypted i.e end to end. Have you seen or noticed this info notification on your WhatsApp(all Devices)

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