How to change the imei of your andriod devices using chamelepon apk

hello guys, i can see some people still don't no how to change the imei of there android device am using is means to teach how you can change the imei of your android device.
 first download chamelepon apk from play store or download it here
After downloading install it and open it. to know the imei  of your andriod device dail this code on your device   *#06# you will see a pop message like this below
this is  imei of this device above  ,so let now see how to change imei using chamelephon after installing it open it
press the  place you want change  the imei and input the imei you want to use like the screen shoot above
then press apply new imei where the red arrow in screen shoot is facing. then try the code again *#06# to confirm maybe your imei have being change example look at the screen shoot below
you can see from the screen shoot above that the imei have being change completely but, shut down your device before using the code. i hope you can change your imei of your android device on your own. if you have any qustions use the comment box below and we shall get back to you

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