M t n wow weekend recharge #200 and get 100mb or more and u credit is still intact

Hello there!
Do you notice about the new MTN
wow weekend free data bonus... wow it cool and if you haven't gotten yours or you have abandoned your mtn sim just and check it out if you receive any message of such and recharge your sim according to how the message instructed and you will be credited instantly with the Data bonus.
Meanwhile, I noticed something about this free data bundle (MB) which is;
Most MTN Pulse users stand a chance of receiving 1GB or more.
Most MTN BetterTalk users stands a chance of receiving 100MB.

I got the message and decided to give it a trial today by recharging with N200 on my MTN BetterTalk sim card and was given 100MB.
Hey, are you interested in this weekend bonus recharge your mtn sim now with N200 and above to get yours.
NOTE: Your airtime will still be intact!
Thanks for reading with us here, you got any feedback then drop your comment let share our thoughts!!!

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