Lasssa Fever Don't laugh Alone

Dem say lassa fever don dey garri after I buy half bag for house...I come say make I test am if na tru,I soak garri put milk inside cum give my dog Bingo , make him first test am. 45mins later, bingo still dey waka, dey jolly. Nai i drink my own. After i don drink am finish, my gateman run come tel me say bingo don die, hey! I run enter house, begin drink full gallon of palm oil for my belle, chop 22 bitter kola wit 3 long bitter leaf stem, chop walnuts with the shell no time to crack, swallow moringa with aloe vera as treatment combo. Garlic and onions be like sweet for my mouth. I come dey sweat as if na oven be my bedroom. I dey think say my life don finish. I come outside. Nai my gate man com they tell me say the driver wey kill bingo wan come beg me! If na u, wetin u go do the gate man? Don't laugh alone????.......

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