call for free with whatscall app

Have posted this app before on this site , but for people that are still new the app is still working perfectly you can still enjoy it using the below steps:

                                    whatscall is very good app for android user to make free call to any network in . i have been using it for a long time now so decide sharing to my fans to enjoy it too
Step 1 you must have data on your sim that is mb after that you are good to go.
                   Step 2 you have to login to the app to get credit
                Note that credit is 220 per minutes ,so always watch the second when calling cos if you use 3 0r 5 Seconds same 220 per minutes will be deducted,So always use like 54seconds to enjoy your talking. also you daily checking in to  app is 100credit use will receive a pop message like is below
so when it complete 7days you check in use receive 1000credit. below is also the credit have received
So to get the whatsapp
After getting the app you register and after register you can keep calling.If Any question feel free to as with the comment box and we shall get back to you before 24hours.

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