How to unsubscribe or cancel mtn play on your mobile device

Mtn is one of the famous  network commonly used by almost by everybody  because we all no that there network is everywhere, according to there name  mtn"everywhere you go" but the annoying apart is that you just discovered your money as being deducted for no reasons , it what happen to me, even a friend of my testify to it too. so I discovered that I received a message called mtn play So I decided calling consumer care for help the angry part is that it really take time for them to pick my call after picking again, the code giving to me was a wrong code , in which anytime a bought airtime the sum of #50 will be deducted for this so called useless mtn play. so ,I decide making research myself to solve the problem ,and I strongly no many out there will be facing same issue with this so called mtn play that while i decide posting it here for my fans to no how to cancel or unsubscribe for mtn play. This mtn play are of many types below are all the code to unsubscribe from it
* CNN Breaking News: SMS UFCNN to 700
* CNN Breaking News: SMS CNNBREAK STOP to 700
* CNN Politics: SMS CNNPOL STOP to 700
* CNN Business: SMS CNNBIZ to 700
* CNN Entertainment: SMS CNNENT to 700
* CNN Sport: SMS CNNSPORT to 700
* Learn English Weekky: SMS ULEN to 700
* BBC News: SMS STOP NEWS to 4200
* Local News English: SMS STOP1 to 33555
* Weather Updates OUT512 35070
* Football Updates: SMS STOP to 4080
* Local News Pidgin: SMS ULNPIDGIN to 700
* Local News Yoruba: SMS ULNYORUBA to 700
* Guardian: SMS UGBN to 700
* Forex update: SMS UFOREX to 700
* AFP News: SMS UAFP to 700
Chelsea FC
* Chelsea FC News: SMS UCFC to 700
* Chelsea FC Monthly: SMS NO CFM to 4900
* Chelsea FC Weekly: SMS NO CFW to 4900
Love & Lifestyle
* Love Messages: SMS CANCELLOVE to 33118
* Love Quotes Weekly: SMS UWLQUOTE to 700
* Bishop T.D Jakes
* Pastor Joel osteen
* Bible quotes weekly
* Open heeavens weekly
* Bible promise daily
* Daily DUA
* Daily AYAT
* Daily HADITH
* Motivational Quotes: SMS UWMMQUOTES to 700
* Word of the day
* Daily Inspiration Prayer: SMS OUTINS to 35070
* Inspiration Quotes Monthly: SMS CANCEL QUOTES to 33115
* Inspiration Quotes Weekly: SMS CANCEL QUOTES to 33118
Job Alerts
* Job Alerts: SMS OUTALERT to 35070
* Sales and Marketing
* Real Estate
* Media
* Manufacturing
* Executive
* Education
* Accounting
* Oil and Gas
* Hospitality
* Government
* Legal
* Info Tech
* Engineering
* Health care
* HR Jobs
* Fresh Grad Jobs
* Health Tips: SMS OUTGHT to 35070
* Malaria and Typhoid
* Prevent Diabetes
* Cancer Daily
* Amenorrhea
* Blood Sugar Daily
* Cholesterol Daily
* Breast Cancer Prevention
* STD Daily
* Fertility Daily
* Hypertension Daily
* MTV Base Weekly: SMS UMTV to 700
* Next Nollywood Star: NNS to 33141
* Celebrity News Weeky: UWMCELEBN to 700
* Hollywood News Weekly: WMHOLLYN to 700
* Pop Gossip: CANCEL POP 33115
* EPL Weekly: SMS UEPL to 700
* Sports Weekly News: SMS USNEWS to 700


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